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OCT Testing



A painless 3D scan of the eye to aid the early detection or diagnosis of eye conditions.

What is an OCT exam?

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an advanced technology used to produce cross-sectional images of the retina, the light-sensitive lining on the back of the eye where light rays focus to produce vision.

The machine allows us to look in great detail at two very important parts of the eye. The macula and the optic nerve measure only around 2mm each in diameter, meaning it is very difficult to examine them in detail during the eye examination.

The OCT provides us with detailed, 3D scans of these areas, aiding the early detection or diagnosis of eye conditions, in particular, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

What are the benefits?

The technology allows us to look ‘beneath the surface’ and can pick up eye conditions long before any symptoms would begin, allowing for preventative measures or more effective management.


Your optician can evaluate and measure each layer of the retina through this image and compare it with normal, healthy images of the retina.


This technology allows your optometrist to examine the retina at a microscopic level and has revolutionised the diagnosis and treatment of many retinal conditions.


OCT scans may be performed multiple times during the course of treatment to assess both responses to therapy and the need for further intervention.

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