An innovative technique involving wearing lenses whilst sleeping to reshape the cornea and improve vision. 

What are Ortho K contact lenses?

Brosgill Opticians is delighted to have invested in a state of the art Corneal Topographer and has trained optometrists and contact lens opticians with the necessary skills to provide this new and exciting development in the contact lens arena.

Ortho K, previously known as Orthokeratology, is a highly innovative technique involving wearing lenses whilst sleeping – overnight the cornea reshapes, improving vision.


The lens is removed in the morning and the patient is free from the need to wear spectacles or contact lenses during waking hours.

Ortho K is ideal for people who:


  • Want clear natural vision

  • Want to be free from lenses for sports or outdoor activities (especially water sports)

  • Do not want to undergo laser refractive surgery

  • Find contact lenses do not fulfil their needs

  • Find it hard to wear lenses all day without discomfort

  • Suffer from hay fever

  • Work in a dry or smoky atmosphere

  • Work in a dusty or wet environment

  • Find spectacles and conventional lenses just a plain nuisance

  • Children whose shortsightedness is progressive.

Whether you've worn contact lenses before or even if you are new to them, Ortho K lenses may be an option for you depending on your prescription. 

Ortho K Lenses

Are Ortho K lenses safe?

At this moment in time, the procedure is only suitable for low to mid-levels of myopic (short-sighted) eyes, up to around -4.50 dioptres. Low levels of astigmatism can also be corrected, up to -1.50.


However, research is continuing at a rapid rate and the expansion of suitable corrections can be expected in the near future.

Want to know more? 

Book a contact lens fitting appointment to try Ortho K. 

Brosgill Opticians fit and supply a wide range of contact lenses to suit most needs and lifestyles. Should you wish to learn more about whether Ortho K lenses are suitable for you, or have any questions about trying contact lenses, simply contact us and you will receive friendly, impartial advice.

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