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Early Glaucoma Detection

Early Glaucoma Detection

What Is It?

Glaucoma is a condition which can affect sight, usually due to a build up of pressure within the eye.

Glaucoma often affects both eyes, usually to varying degrees. One eye may develop glaucoma quicker than the other. The eyeball contains a fluid called aqueous humour which is constantly produced by the eye, with any excess drained though tubes. Glaucoma develops when the fluid cannot drain properly and pressure builds up, known as the intraocular pressure. This can damage the optic nerve (which connects the eye to the brain) and the nerve fibres from the retina (the light-sensitive nerve tissue that lines the back of the eye).

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the UK. It affects up to 3% of the population of the Western World.

You may be at risk from this disease which causes progressive and permanent damage to your vision. It is known as “the thief of sight” as up to 50% of those with the disease do not know they have it. You are unlikely to be aware you have glaucoma before significant damage is done. Early detection during an eye examination is the key to successful treatment and preservation of your sight.

Brosgill Opticians provide sight tests to the highest standards using the latest techniques and equipment. Our investment in a Zeiss OCT instruments allows us to screen you for signs of glaucoma earlier and with greater accuracy than conventional methods.

Glaucoma damages nerves in your eye and reduces your peripheral vision. The OCT is an imaging device that measures those nerves and compares your results with standard results from healthy eyes. Our professional optometrists interpret the results and refer you for further investigation where necessary.

Glaucoma is a disease that tends to affect people over 40. However, the earliest signs can be detected, by the OCT, 5 to 10 years before standard visual field tests. For this reason we recommend that everyone over 30 takes the OCT test.

You may be at increased risk if you:

 Are elderly.
 Have a family history of glaucoma.
 Have diabetes.
 Are short sighted.
 Have certain ethnic origins especially African or Caribbean.

Testing is quick, painless and stress free and can be done when you have your standard eye examination. A few minutes of your time may save your sight.

You can book an eye examination together with the OCT by clicking here or call us today on 0113 318 2274

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