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Optomap Retinal Exam

We all want to protect our eyesight.

Regular vision tests allow us to check the front of your eyes in case a change is needed in your contact lens or spectacle prescription. However we also need to check the back of your eyes (the retina) to ensure it‘s healthy.

Eye problems can develop long before the symptoms can be seen or felt. Many eye diseases, if detected at an early stage, can be treated successfully without total loss of vision.

The OPTOMAP Retinal Examination

is ultrawidefield which means that more of the retina can be seen at one time and its fast and the process is completed in a quarter of a second. Nothing touches your eye at any time during the process and as no drops are needed you can resume normal activities immediately.

As the OPTOMAP Retinal Examination is digital it gives us a permanent record of the condition of your retina. This is very important in helping us to detect and measure changes to your retina next time you attend. Millions of people worldwide have benefited from an optomap Retinal Examination; a new standard in healthcare for adults and children.

Our Commitment

At Brosgill Opticians we are committed to the highest standard of eye care and as such we invest in new technology so we can offer you the most advanced eye exam available. we believe it’s important that everyone has a regular OPTOMAP Retinal Examination to ensure your overall wellbeing and to give you peace of mind. Signs of other diseases that affect not just your eyes can also be detected. These include hypertension, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

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